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Natif Natal Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to the development of the sport of boxing in Haiti and the Caribbean. 




 NNF provides innovative programs designed to improve health, literacy, educational equity and importantly one's "Racine" Roots.

Through our programs NNF will empower youth to navigate changes in an increasingly complex world while enhancing the potential to be competitive in a Global market.


NNF Mission is to improve childhood literacy & obesity through the sweet science of boxing

Natal Foundation (NNF), an official organization dedicated to the growth and development of Haitian Boxing to change lives for the better, announces the kick off of the Fight-4-Haiti campaign. Fight-4-Haiti is an ongoing campaign directed at promoting solidarity within Haiti and the Diaspora by developing boxing programs and educational opportunities for Haiti’s youth and it’s socio-economic development.



The campaign will serve as an ongoing fundraiser to assist in funding boxing facilities with self-contained education and self-development centers in Haiti; thereby bringing hope and empowering youth to achieve even greater goals than those  accomplished by Haitian world champions in the diaspora.

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