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Anpil Men Chay Pa Lou is a common Haitian proverb that means “With Many Hands the Work is Light”.


The Natif Natal Foundation needs your help and support to reach our Olympic fundraising goal of $50,000! Let us unite to give our team the opportunity to bring home the glory Haiti has longed for.


Let us stand on our Haitian creed “L’union Fait la Force” and make Haiti Boxing Olympic history for Tokyo 2020ne. 

Thank you for your support. There is one more step, click your method of choice to make your contribution to this historical event. Your contribution not only supports the Olympic journey of Darrelle “Blast” Valsaint to represent Haiti on the world stage but it also helps in the building of the Haiti Boxing gyms and the establishment of long term literacy and academic programs in Haiti.

The mission of the Natif Natal Foundation is to develop and provide programming centered on self-improvement (i.e. health, literacy, and educational equity) in Haiti and throughout the diaspora.


By using sports with a focus on the “sweet science” of boxing, Natif Natal empowers youth to be competitive in their communities as well as the Global marketplace.

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