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Tokyo 2020ne Journey of Darelle Valsaint 


Darrelle Valsaint Jr is a young Haitian-American boxer. Here are his major achievements: => 2020 Olympian (Haitian Olympic Team) => 2019 Elite Gold Medal at Haiti Boxing’s International Championship => 2019 Elite Gold Medal at Battle of the Islands Championships in St. Maarten


Literacy Program  

Education is a ladder out of poverty. But that ladder is often out of reach for many low-income children. These children struggle in school in large part because they don’t have the familiarity with books and language that are the building blocks of literacy.

NNF focus is to be a step on ladder out of poverty through our literacy programs. 


Haiti Boxing 

Our goal is to develop and provide the necessary tools for the growth of amateur and professional boxing in Haiti.

NNF will provide a solid educational base for training future athletes, and empowering them with core values and a solid education.

Raising funds will directly assist in building a structural organization and enhance the sport of boxing throughout the Caribbean.


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